Peer Review Process

The Mechanism of Accepting Papers


There are four stages of accepting the papers for publication in the Semi-Annual Journal of Engineering Management and Soft Computing (JEMSC):


[1] Initial Stage: At this stage, papers that are written in accordance with the journal's stylistic recommendations will be accepted and passed on to the referees selected. The editorial board decides on the choice of the referees.


[2] Evaluating the papers: Papers accepted in the initial stage will be directed to the relevant referees. At this stage, papers may fall in one of the following categories: (a) papers can be published with no change or modification; (b) papers that need modification/ correction as indicated by the referees; and (c) papers that must be rejected outright. Contributors of the papers of the category (a) will receive a message of acceptance; those of the category (b) will receive some instructions for doing the suggested corrections; and those of the last category will be put aside, together with a rejection note for their contributors.


[3] Modification Stage: Contributors who receive a note of incorporating certain changes must do so within 10 days from the date receiving such a reminder. Otherwise, they can mention their arguments for not making the suggested changes in the webpage of the journal.


[4] The Final Stage: Papers that have been revised according to the suggestions proposed, or those which are backed by convincing reasons as no further revision is deemed necessary, will be in the queue for being published. Their contributors will receive a letter of approval, too.