Guide for Authors

Style Guide for authors of the Semi-Annual Journal of Engineering Management and Soft Computing (JEMSC):

In view of reaching faster and easier processing of your papers, please pay attention to the recommendations that follow:

You have to enter the webpage, register your name and receive a user name and password, all posted to your email address. You have to take the steps indicated therein, i.e., type of paper/ contribution, 
indicating the title, and so forth.

Guide to Preparation of Your Article

a. The title, abstract, and its keywords must be put in Persian on the first page.

b. Detailed description of the contributor(s) (e.g., full name, academic status and affiliation, contact details, including telephone/ cell phone number and email) must be put in both Persian and English in separate files while uploading the article.

c. Abstracts, prepared in both Persian and English, must be structured in four sections (i.e., aim, method, findings, and results), phrased in 150-200 words, and followed by three to seven keywords.

Articles must take maximally twenty A4 pages, arranged in 23 lines on each page.

1.  Research articles must contain five sections, i.e., introduction, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusions, and references. The introduction must contain statement of the problem, aim, significance of the study, literature review, theoretical background, hypotheses, and/or research questions.
The Methodology section must contain research methodology, population, sample(s), sampling techniques, data collection methods, and methods of data analysis. Sections concerned with findings, discussion, and conclusions must follow the above sections. Finally, a bibliography and/or reference list must be appended.

2. Review articles must contain four sections, i.e., introduction, main body of the article, conclusions, and references.

3. For referencing, contributors must follow the APA model in Persian articles. For direct quotations, it is necessary to indicate the precise page number(s).